rotary switches

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Rotary switches

IEC Monaco is the expert of rotary switches for professional use !

IEC Electronique, company based in Monaco, specialises in designing, developing and manufacturing rotary switches, key rotary switches and Stockli knobs. By dealing with our company, you make sure to benefit from a 50-year experience regarding the rotary switch!

From the outset, IEC Monaco has been known for their experience in manufacturing rotary switches for miniaturised products which are suited to direct microcurrent and universal electric engines with high-insulation for high-voltage interrupting. From more than 50 years, IEC Electronique has been helping its customers to resolve their switching problems in all domains.

Our rotary switches are intended for applications within growth sectors such as electronics, railways, industry, telecom, automatic functioning, medical…IEC’s switches, mechanical parts of which result from high performance material and from high technology electrical components. They are made with high quality materials such as: solid silver contacts with gilding capability, alkyd or soapstone insulators.

IEC Monaco owns all the manufacturing capabilities for rotary switches: engineering department, manufacturing, tooling, bar turning, cutting, surface processing, moulding, assembling shops; each of these having monitoring quality. Our subcontracting department is at your disposal to design moulds and cutting tools, mouldings of plastic and thermosetting pieces and cutting of small metallic parts.

Check on our website our portfolio of available rotary switches, click here!